The Quality Training and level of knowledge imparted in a training institution depends on the qualifications, teaching experience and dedication of the faculty.

MERI has excellent faculty which includes Extra First class Engineers,  Extra  Masters , Masters, Academics etc.

Name Qualification  
Shri Md. Shaji E. BE (Mechanical), M.O.T. 1st Class   
Dr. K. Sivasami BE(Mech), ME (Energy), PhD(I.C. Engines), M.E.O. Class –I  
Shri A.N.S. Neti BE (Mechanical) M.O.T. 1st Class  
Shri. A. H. Badgeri M.O.T. 1st Class  
Capt. A. D. Athale Master’s Certificate C.O.C., Master F.G.  
Ms. Darshana M. M.Sc. (Physic)  
Shri J. L. Sandhu Equivalent Graduation  
Shri T.S. Sai M.E. Embedded Systems  
Mrs. Reeta S. Dubuy Math Phd  
Shri N. D. Gurav Diploma in Mechanical Engineering  
Shri R.U. Phalke Diploma in Electronic & video Engineering, NCTVT (Electrical)  
Shri. Manoday Patil ITI Fitter, NCTVT.  
Shri. Sunil Bhide Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Draftsman Mechanical  
Shri. Appasaheb Jankar Diploma in Mechanical Engineering  
Name Qualification  
Shri R.S. Rahate MEO CL-I (Motor)  
Dr. Nazneen Rangoonwalla Ph.D English Literature  
Smt. Neeru Gupta M.A. (Math)  
Smt. Ravinder Kaur M.A. English  
Capt. Ranbir Sidhu Master Mariner  
Capt. A.K. Gupta Master Mariner  
Cdr. K. Chandra M.Tech  
Shri V. Marathe M.E. Electrical  
Shri Gopalkrishna P.K. M.Tech (Control & Instrumentation), PG (Nuclear Science & Technology)  
Shri Ananda K. Das B.E (Electrical)  
Shri. R. G. Velaskar B.Tech – IIT - Madras(Thermal Engineering) M.Tech – IIT – Bombay (Design Engineering)  
Md. Juneduddin Ghulam Mohiuddin M.Tech (Mech.Engg)  
Shri Dharmendra P. M.Tech (Digital comm)  


At MERI, each day is a new challenge as the training is of paramilitary type which helps to polish the discipline.
Life At MERI is not just about studying but also about preparing you to deal with real life at sea.
A learning experience that goes beyond books and boundaries, opening ones mind to more vibrant thoughts.
  Well Equipped Labs which include Physics, Thermodynamics, Electronics & engineering workshop Lathe machine shop. Well Equipped Gymnasium, Swimming pool , Hostel with Mess Facility.
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