There are many advantages to getting a marine recruitment. Not only does one get to explore the world but there is also the point of getting to know and adapt to living as a unit and as a team member.
Cadets after getting the degree in Maritime Sc. Obtained certificate, have to undergo 18 months structured shipboard training (12 months Nautical side & 6 months Engineering side).
After completion of on board training they can either apper for 2nd MATE written & oral exam or MEO class IV part B written & oral exam. They can choose either nautical or engineering stream. In case the candidates decides he can appear for both the above exam & obtain a polyvalent officer COC at operational level.
The B.Tech(ME) cadets has to undergo onboard training during VIII Semester in accordance with the relevant DGS Circular& after getting the degree in Marie Engineering, obtained the certificate. Cadets can appear for MEO class IV part B written & oral exam only after acquiring requisite sea-time& obtain COC at operational level.
PGDME have to undergo 6 months structured shipboard training & after completion of training they appera for MEO class IV part B written & oral exam & obtain COC at operational level.
Officers also have opportunities to take various marine-based shore jobs such as pilots in port Trusts or as Marine Managers with shipping companies and agencies or as Surveyors with the Government of India or with private survey firms and as in Maritime Educational Institutions.
There is everything for everyone who is interested primarily in shipping jobs.

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At MERI, each day is a new challenge as the training is of paramilitary type which helps to polish the discipline.
Life At MERI is not just about studying but also about preparing you to deal with real life at sea.
A learning experience that goes beyond books and boundaries, opening ones mind to more vibrant thoughts.
  Well Equipped Labs which include Physics, Thermodynamics, Electronics & engineering workshop Lathe machine shop. Well Equipped Gymnasium, Swimming pool , Hostel with Mess Facility.
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