Student's Feedback Form  


Note: This questionnaire has been designed to seek a feedback from the student to strengthen the quality of teaching-learning environment and to look for the opportunities to improve teacher's performance in classroom engangement with student.

Name of Department ( ✔ ) :         

  Programme        :     Year/Semester          :  
  Name of Faculty :     Subject & Code No. :  

in the following table, tick ( ) the appropriate choice of each item

Sr. No. item below average average good very good excellent
1. Punctuality in the class
2. Regularity in taking classes
3. Makes alternate arrangement of class in his/her absence
4. Shedule organisation of assignments, class tests , quizzes and seminars
5. Coverage of syllabus
6. Communication skills
7. Conducting classroom discussions including feedback or evaluated answer books of class tests
8. Gives class notes, hand outs, reading material to student
9. Makes sure that he/she is being understood
10. Helps student irrespective of ethinicity and culture/ background
11. Helps student facing physical, emotional and learning challenges
12. General behaviour towards student


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