The President of India awards every year a Gold Medal to the cadet with Qualities likely to make him the finest sailor. These qualities are; : "Cheerful submission to superiors, self-respect and independence of character, kindness and protection to the weak, readiness to forgive offences, a desire to conciliate the differences of others, and above all, fearless devotion To duty and unflinching Truthfulness".

193O K. Ramdas 1977 D. Chauhan
1931 A.Chakravarti 1978 R. B.Karve
1932 P. Basu 1979 V.Bali
1933 L. A. P. Rebeiro 1980 Rana S. S.
1934 B. A. Samson 1981 Pinto R .A .J
1935 K. O. Phillip 1982 Rajiv Chandar
1936 G. H. Nock 1983 Tojo Sagar
1937 R. S. Ottley 1984 Prize day not held
1938 Inder Singh 1985 Thaper Atul
1939 S. A. Samson 1986 N Shyam Sundar
1940 Bathi 1987 Prize day not held
1941 K. S. Shahabuddin 1988 Kurana V
1942 P. K. Kundu 1989 Prize day not held
1943 G. R. Nair 1990 Sudhir Kumar
1944 R. S. Pathania 1991 Bhardwaj A.K
1945 K. T. N. Kumar 1992 Singh A. K
1946 O. A. D'sylva 1993 Anem M.V
1947 K.K Anand 1994 Reddy K.R.S
1948 R. A. Kamath 1995 Saurabh Ranjan
1949 E. Edwards 1996 Cand S.
1950 R. Swaminathan 1997 Pragati Kunal
1951 A.V.G Coelho 1998 Reddy K. B.
1952 H. T. Martins 1999 Saunak Rai
1953 M. D. Cooper 2000 Navneet
1954 A. K. Singh 2001 Santosh Chaterjee
1955 K. W. P. Venkataramain 2002 Ravi R.k
1956 Prize day not held 2003 Ayutayu Sharma
1957 P. Puri 2004 Kumar Sunny Raja
1958 C. P. Alexender 2005 Mrityunjay Singh
1959 S. S. Kapadia 2006 Arun Pratap Singh
1960 G. Choute 2007 Vaibhav Bhardwaj
1961 K.B.Aggarwal 2008 Pushkar Satyarthi
1962 I.G Timmins 2009 Avinash Shekhar
1963 U. V. Gokhale 2010 Amit Kumar Mishra
1964 T. D Hazari 2011 Pragati Shriwastava
1965 K. D. Hazari 2012 Akshay Pratap Singh
1966 M.B. Ajgaonkar 2013 Sumeet Kumar
1967 B. Vaid 2014 Manish Abhishek
1968 Amritpal Singh
1969 A. R. Parekh
1970 Randhir Singh
1971 R. K. Dutta
1972 K.A Ponnappa
1973 Y. Sharma
1974 P. R. Bose
1975 P. P. G. Macado
1976 G. S. Ghura
At Chanakya, each day is a new challenge and full of numerous activities (Swimming, yoga, games, jogging,boating etc).
"Life At Chanakya is not just about studying but also about preparing you to deal with real life scenarios.
A learning experience that goes beyond books and boundaries, opening my mind to more vibrant thoughts.
Well Equipped Labs which include Physics / Electronics, Chemistry, Computer etc.
Library with a rich collection of books from all over the globe.
Modern Canteen facility.
Gym and Yoga Classes under experienced Teachers
Olympic Size Swimming pool
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