A vast range of cultural, educational, athletic and social activities are available to Princeton students, faculty and staff. Getting involved in campus life is the quickest way to become a part of the University community, and to create one's own Princeton experience. Campus life activities are built around the concepts of encouraging each community member to express his or her talents and to respect all members of our pluralistic community.
One of the University's most distinctive characteristics is its bound together and integrated residential community. Housing is guaranteed for undergraduates, and nearly all students live on campus. The residential experience is central to Princeton's educational program; offer students a supportive and enriching environment full of opportunities for personal growth.

Life On Campus :

At Chanakya, each day is a new challenge and a fight for survival. At the end of the day, every small victory is one to savor, and every defeat a huge lesson. The learning at Chanakya will definitely help me successfully navigate the challenges of life."

Cadet Pratik Nitin Amburle

"Life at Chanakya is not just about studying but also about preparing you to deal with real life scenarios.. When I think about life at Chanakya, I am not sure which aspect to describe more - the scenic green landscape around us, submission deadlines, the hustle and bustle of an placement season or the tense atmosphere of exams. All in all I would like to describe the life @ Chanakya to be a dynamic, exacting yet fun filled phase which is bound to leave an imprint of its own"

Cadet Ganesh Gunjan

"My biggest learning at Chanakya (leaving apart the academics part) till date, has been to how to manage my time efficiently. The rigorous schedule over here teaches you to handle multiple tasks at the same time. After all, at any point of time there is so much you can do (if you want to) that you will never find yourself short of work. Sports, Extra-curricular or Co-curricular, you will always find an activity to do at Chanakya ."

Cadet Durgesh Upadhyaya

"Be here and experience the rush of adrenaline as the competitive spirit never dies, the fun never comes to an end and time simply flies. In one sentence, the hallowed grounds of T S Chanakya make one realize their true potential."

Cadet Sreejith Nair


At Chanakya, each day is a new challenge full of numerous acticities (Swimming, yoga, games, jogging,boating etc).
Life At Chanakya is not just about studying but also about preparing you to deal with real life scenarios.
A learning experience that goes beyond books and boundaries, opening my mind to more vibrant thoughts.
Well Equipped Labs which include Physics, Chemistry, Computer, Electronics.
Library with a rich collection of books from all over the globe.
Modern Canteen facility.
Gym and Yoga Classes under experienced Teachers
Olympic Size Swimming pool
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