Meet our Faculty

The Quality Training and level of knowledge imparted in a training institution depends on the qualifications, teaching experience and dedication of the faculty. All the Training / Teaching personnel are pioneers in their respective field of education.

LBS Faculty
Name Designation Qualification
Capt. S.C.Panigrahy Institute Incharge B.Sc (Physics Hons.) L.L.B., Extra Master (F.G.)
Capt. H.K Mishra Nautical Officer L.L.B., P.G.D.B.M (NMIMS),Master (F.G.)
Capt. Mihir Chandra Associate Professor Master (F.G)
Shri. B. C. Rout Lecturer In Mathematics M.Sc. M. Phil (Maths), DCA
Capt. Aman Gulati Assistant Professor Master (F.G)
Capt. E.R.Fernandes Nautical Faculty Extra Master (F.G.)
Capt. P.Kumar Nautical Faculty Extra Master (F.G.)
Capt. A. Dhawan Nautical Faculty Master (F.G.)
Capt. R. Monteiro Nautical Faculty Master (F.G.)
Capt. P. R.Sen Nautical Faculty B.Sc., Master (F.G.)
Capt. J. M. Soares Nautical Faculty Extra Master(F.G.)
Capt. P. M. Kutar Nautical Faculty Master (F.G.)
Capt A.K.Varma Nautical Faculty Master (F.G.)
Capt.D. Menon Nautical Faculty Master (F.G.)
Shri. Iqbal Khatib Marine Engineering Faculty COC- Marine Engineer officer Class I , MEO I (M)
Shri. P.R.Kapoor Marine Engineering Faculty B.Sc., MEO I (M)
Shri. S.C.Majumdar Marine Engineering Faculty B.Sc, MEO I (M)
Shri. N.V. Samant Marine Engineering Faculty B.E (Mech), MEO I (M)
Shri. N. Nanda Marine Engineering Faculty Diploma in Industrial Adm & Mgm, MEO I (M)
Shri. B. K. Sharma Marine Engineering Faculty B.Sc (Hons), MEO I (M)
Shri. V.K Chawla Marine Engineering Faculty B.Sc (Hons), MEO I (M)
Shri. Thomas Carneiro Radio Communication Faculty C.O.P.- Second Class(GOI); GMDSS-GOC (GOI);
Shri. Joseph D’souza Radio Communication Faculty C.O.P.- Second Class(GOI); GMDSS-GOC (GOI);
Shri. S. D. Lakshamana Academic Faculty B.E (Computer Science)
Smt. Lavina Durve Academic Faculty M.Sc. (Chemistry), B.Ed
Shri I.M. Chavan Asstt. Training Officer Ex.Petty Officer (Indian Navy )
Shri M.H. Singh Signal Instructor Ex.Petty Officer (Indian Navy)
Shri B.Chakraborthy Marine Instructor Ex.Chief Petty Officer (Indian Navy )


The Seaview reminds the candidates of their passion for their profession.
A Gurukul for seafarers.
The campus gives an opportunity to interact with experienced well qualified faculty in the field of shipping industry.
Swimming pool
Residential facility
Modern Canteen facility.
Modern Hostel facility.
Library with rich collection of all technical and non-technical books & journals along with internet facility
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